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Welcome to Worlds Adrift from Bossa Studios, the huge and expansive world set in a persistent, shared multiplayer environment. This will be your Guide to help you get started on the rigors of the world and to survive and thrive.

Basic Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Default Key Notes
Move Forward / Ship Movement W
Move Backwards / Ship Movement S
Strafe Left / Ship Movement A
Strafe Right / Ship Movement D
Use Grappling Hook Right Mousebutton Fires the Grappling hook at the center of the screen.
Use Item Left Mousebutton Use current Item in Hand
Reel in Rope / Grab Ledge Shift Once you've fired and attached to something you can start pulling yourself towards that object.
Jump / Ship Movement / Toggle Glider SPACE Multiple options for the Space Key, including jumping, movement of the ship and start gliding.
Interact F Usually the object will light up when you hover it, and you can hit F to interact.
Access Inventory TAB Brings up the basic Multi-Tool Crafting page.
Select Hotbar Item 1 - 6 Access the things you've created, or your tools.
FYI: Hitting the Item hotkey again on some Items swaps to different tools.
Rotate Crafted Item z If you're trying to place something on your ship and it's not the right spot hit z to rotate.
Sit / Stand x
Toggle Camera Mode Hold Right Mousebutton Change between 3rd/1st Person while flying
Global Chat ENTER Chat with all players on the server.
Push to Talk ? Hold to speak to other players using your microphone.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]


You first off need to spend a few moments getting acquainted with your Grappling Hook, since you'll be stuck in the Aegis until you figure it out. Once you find your way out your first bet is to find some Wood to harvest, which is currently the main building block to for most of the items in the Multi-Tool Crafting as well as the Crafting Table. After a bit you're going to need to salvage some Iron, typically found under most of the islands in between the crevices of the Ore.

Skip to the Mining section below for more mining specific information.

Usually getting to the Ore is a bit tricky, so you're going to have to get a hang of and become proficient with the Grappling Hook, since you'll dying if you don't know how to use it properly since you'll be hanging off the island trying to mine valuables. Practice a bit with trees and overhanging cliffs, and if you're going to be jumping around where you can fall off, leave your items where if you die you can get them again. (Since if you fall off to your death you'll lose all your inventory, not counting your Tools, Utility Items & Cosmetics).

Once you feel comfortable swinging around without dying too often, you'll want to pick up some Resources. Start Mining away and pick up some stuff to begin crafting for Ships.

Mining[edit | edit source]

From the Gallery below you can see the various Resources you can gather Metal, Wood, & Fuel are some of the basics you can start off. Wood is pretty easy to find, since it's usually right in the open on most of the Islands. Grab your multi-tool Crafting (probably 1 unless you've changed your key controls), switch it to Harvest Mode (The red coming out), and start going to town on the trees. Cut a few blocks, and then begin harvesting them by highlighting the fallen logs and Right Mousebutton clicking, and the bottom left you'll see them start accumulating in your Inventory.

You'll need to find some Ore for Iron and Copper, depending on the Island, usually underneath. Use your trusty grappling hook to swing under and find one of the Ore spots, and check between the crevices to find the darker or the yellowish metal Iron and Copper respectively. Like with the wood, you'll need to harvest it, with the Right Mousebutton. Get as close as you can with your Grappling Hook, to make the job easier with less swinging.

In regards to Fuel you'll find it as balls, which will let you harvest 4/5 before they drop from their hooks. If you're at a spot where they drop on land (or over a ship), you can continue to harvest them until they disappear.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Multi-Tool Crafting.png
Crafting Table.png

Once you've gathered enough Resources, your best bet is to begin Ship building, or Crafting Tools that you think you might need. The Glider at 2 Metal & 10 Wood has a pretty low requirement for being a major tool important for having fun in combination with the Grappling Hook. Second, begin crafting the Atlas Core which will create the Ships building area, allowing for 3d printing from the Crafting Station, which will open up the various Schematics to build.

Ship Building[edit | edit source]

You can see the Basic Ship Frame with a few engines attached for a basic Ship.

You're going to want to create an Atlas Core, and then place it in a central location on flat land, and that will pop up a sort of bubble with a different gravity field. Pick between the current Basic Ship Frame or The Behemoth, and the frame will pop up. The gravity field will allow you to be able to move and attach your crafted Schematics onto the ship you've chosen to build.

Basic Ship Frame - "Good starter ship. Nice deck for Cannons and other stuff. Solid metal frame with a wooden deck. Plenty of space for panels, engines etc."
The Behemoth - "Holy smokes that's big. Multiple decks with plenty of space for Cannons and everything else! You're gonna ship yourself."

Firstly you'll need to add some Atlas Sky Core Is, which will create a continued anti gravity for the ship to be able to float outside of the bubble of the Atlas Core. Depending on the weight of the Ship, you will need to add a few of them. You'll probably want to hide them under deck of the Basic Ship Frame, or in the center of The Behemoth, since without them your ship will fall apart, and will be destroyed. The Atlas Core is the prime target for any engagements from enemies, so you'll want to keep it in mind and out of sight while building.

Tip: Use the Right Mousebutton to highlight the crafted Ship Part to and then placed the crafted Schematics on the ship with Left Mousebutton.

You'll need a few Small Basic Engines to make some movement forward, since the Atlas Sky Core I is basically just keeping the ship in the air. Next you'll want to place a Skyship Helm preferably on the top deck to be able to control the ship in flight (Press Right Mousebutton while in flight to be able to steer a bit better). Build and place a Crew Respawner and connect to it, in case you happen to die or fall off the ship, to be able to respawn to it (however without your inventory). Beyond that it's basically up to you, or to the advanced design of the ship. If you need protection from the core, you'll want to build and place some Panels, or put some Basic Cannons to fire if you feel like you're going to be fighting.

Once you're ready take to the skies and begin your journey to the rest of the Islands and to find your adventure of discovery.