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Reason: "redundant since alrdy in "getting started""

The Controls for Worlds Adrift.

Action Default Key Notes
Move Forward / Ship Movement W Glider: nose dive
Move Backwards / Ship Movement S Glider: nose pitch up
Strafe Left / Ship Movement A Glider: turn left
Strafe Right / Ship Movement D Glider: turn right
Use Grappling Hook Right Mousebutton Fires the Grappling hook at the center of the screen.
Use Item Left Mousebutton Use current Item in Hand
Reel in Rope / Grab Ledge Shift Once you've fired and attached to something you can start pulling yourself towards that object.
Jump / Ship Movement / Toggle Glider SPACE Multiple options for the Space Key, including jumping, movement of the ship and start gliding.
Interact F Usually the object will light up when you hover it, and you can hit F to interact.
Access Inventory TAB Brings up the basic Multi-Tool Crafting page.
Select Hotbar Item 1 - 6 Access the things you've created, or your tools.
FYI: Hitting the Item hotkey again on some Items swaps to different tools.
Rotate Crafted Item z If you're trying to place something on your ship and it's not the right spot hit z to rotate.
Sit / Stand x
Toggle Camera Mode Hold Right Mousebutton Change between 3rd/1st Person while flying
Global Chat ENTER Chat with all players on the server.
Push to Talk ? Hold to speak to other players using your microphone.