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In Worlds Adrift Ships[1] should be able to crash, both into each other and into the environment (or any other physical object, for that matter), and react appropriately. If you crash badly enough, you could end up with an upside-down ship. The controls of the ship are also fully physics-driven. The ship floats in mid-air due to an anti-gravity core that you can install on the ship, which provides an upwards force, and it’s controlled around by applying forces on the engine propellers (sort of, more on that in a bit), and torque on the ship center of mass itself. The core also provides an automatic stabilization system that behaves similarly to the buoyancy force acting on a seafaring vessel, attempting to keep the ship upright. This buoyancy force is balanced so it’s powerful enough that the ship will be mostly steady normally, but will still rock and tilt if hit by external forces.

Logout[edit | edit source]

After a player logouts a logout timer will activate and log the ship out when the count down is complete. If the crew logouts, any interaction with the ship will reset the logout timer and postpone the ship's logout.

Ship Building[edit | edit source]

You can see the Basic Ship Frame with a few engines attached for a basic Ship.

You're going to want to create an Atlas Core, and then place it in a central location on flat land, and that will pop up a sort of bubble with a different gravity field. Pick one of the five pre-builts or edit your own, and the frame will pop up. The gravity field will allow you to be able to move and attach your crafted Schematics onto the ship you've chosen to build.

Basic Ship Frame - "Good starter ship. Nice deck for Cannons and other stuff. Solid metal frame with a wooden deck. Plenty of space for panels, engines etc."
The Behemoth - "Holy smokes that's big. Multiple decks with plenty of space for Cannons and everything else! You're gonna ship yourself."

Firstly you'll need to add some Sky Cores, which will create a continued anti gravity for the ship to be able to float outside of the bubble of the Atlas Core. Depending on the weight of the Ship, you will need to add a few of them. You'll probably want to hide them under deck of the Basic Ship Frame, or in the center of The Behemoth, since without them your ship will fall apart, and will be destroyed. The Atlas Core is the prime target for any engagements from enemies, so you'll want to keep it in mind and out of sight while building.

Tip: Use the Right Mousebutton to highlight the crafted Ship Part to and then placed the crafted Schematics on the ship with Left Mousebutton.

You'll need a few Engines to make some movement forward, since the Sky Core only provides vertical thrust. Next you'll want to place a Helm preferably on the top deck to be able to control the ship in flight (Press Right Mousebutton while in flight to be able to steer a bit better). Build and place a Crew Respawner and connect to it, in case you happen to die or fall off the ship, to be able to respawn to it (however without your inventory). Beyond that it's basically up to you, or to the advanced design of the ship. If you need protection from the core, you'll want to build and place some Panels, or put some Cannons to fire if you feel like you're going to be fighting.

Once you're ready take to the skies and begin your journey to the rest of the Islands and to find your adventure of discovery.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

There is no features planned for building on islands but a potential loophole consists of using the ship building system to create buildings on islands.

References[edit | edit source]