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Weapons are your tools of destruction. Weapons are your foundation of strength. They can be used to kill other players or damage enemy ships. As of Alpha 5.2, only one handheld gun exists and one deployable explosive exists.

Primary Weapons[edit | edit source]

Basic Pistol[edit | edit source]

Fires bullets, loud and pretty nasty if you get one in the knee.

As of Alpha 5.2, the Basic Pistol is the main weapon used in PvP combat. It uses metal bullets as ammunition and does 20 damage with each shot.

Timed Explosive[edit | edit source]

Timed Explosive.png
A big flammable explosive thing with a timer set for 10 seconds, ideal for extracting more metal from metallic core rocks.

Cannons[edit | edit source]


Currently, cannons are the only way to arm your ship. They are craftable and mountable weapons that shoot cannon shells; however, they cannot be equipped or used while unattached to a ship. Much like engines and wings, a cannon's stats will vary significantly depending on the schematic and its rarity.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Base HP: The initial health of the part, before adding material strength.
  • Power: Damage of fired shells.
  • Rate of Fire: Speed at which the cannons can fire.
  • Overheat Limit: TBD
  • Capacity: TBD