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The Main Worlds Adrift Features
  • First, Worlds Adrift is set in a persistent, shared multiplayer environment. That means anyone on the same server who plays the game will be in the same enormous world.
  • Secondly, the world is living and breathing. Worlds Adrift is not a typical MMORPG with quests, or NPCs waiting to give you quests. There are Creatures that eat and live and die, and Trees that grow, and Ruins that hold secrets, and Wreckage that rusts and rots, all inside a world that doesn't revolve around you, but that can be permanently affected by your actions. You are a part of the world, and it’s up to you to decide which part that is, and how it relates to all the other parts.
  • Lastly, the world behaves according to believable physics. Ships are constructed of pieces — each of which can be broken or snapped off if there’s a strong enough impact. And of course there will be plenty of Rope Physics involved in player movement.
The Game Basics
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