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For Crafting clothes, see Clothing Crafting.

Description[edit | edit source]

Clothes are cosmetic items that allows the player to customize their appearance. Currently, they do not grant any special effects besides the possible use for camouflage.

Stash Clothing[edit | edit source]

These clothings are found in a player's stash tab, and are all exclusives.

Stash Head

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Antlers of Kif[1]
Christmas male.png
During the coldest weeks of Kir, The Tarrery people would celebrate and wear brightly coloured oufits adorned with the spoils of their hunts. Founders
Barguan Skull Mask[2]
Skullmask male.png
A mask with a skull painted on to it. Part of a ceremonial costume that was once worn by the Bargu. Founders
Clawscarf of Capulca[3]
HoodVariantA male.png
These headscarves were knitted by the survivors who gathered at Capulca, the last city of the old world, before it gradually crumbled away. They are marked with the claw symbol of the god Kusiman, giver of hope. Founders
Drissian Cowl[4]
Pioneer male.png
Worn by the rebels of Driss who valiantly fought back against their Saborian oppressors. Pioneers
Dev Hat[5]
Devhat male.png

Stash Torso

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Barguan Skeleton Paint[2]
Torso tribal skeleton male.png
A glowing skeletal design painted straight onto the skin. Founders
Vinicoti Holiday Beads[6]
Summer male.png
Popular Mellifluan beachwear for holidays on the coasts of the Vinicoti Islands. Summer Sale
Dev Jacket[5]
Devjacket male.png

Stash Legs

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Barguan Skeleton Skirt[2]
Tribal skeleton male.png
A roughly made skirt and glowing body paint Founders
Vinicoti Holiday Wrap[6]
Legs summer male.png
Popular Mellifluan beachwear for holidays on the coasts of the Vinicoti Islands. Summer Sale

Starter/Universal Clothing[edit | edit source]

These clothing items are found all over foundation, in any culture. Most are also part of the starter selection of clothes. (At the time of writing there are no Kioki Wilderness zones, so this may change in future)

Universal Head

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Name Image Lore Found In
Neck Scarf
Scarf male.png
A simple cloth neck scarf. Everywhere


Skyfarer's Bandana
Bandana male.png
A simple bandana. Often worn as a mark of courage. Everywhere


Universal Torso

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Navigator's Tunic
SquireVariantA male.png
A roughly woven tunic. It is designed to protect it's wearer against harsh winds. Starter/Everywhere
Traveller's Poncho
PonchoVariantB male.png
A simple woven poncho. Starter/Everywhere
Engineer's Apron
Engineer male.png
A roughly sewn leather apron. It provides some protection from machinery. Starter/Everywhere
Explorer's Tunic
Wanderer male.png
The simple garb of a well travelled explorer. Starter/Everywhere

Universal Legs

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Adventurer's Boots
Boots male.png
Made from sturdy leather, perfect for long journeys. Starter/Everywhere
Skyfarer's Shorts
Shorts male.png
Simple shorts for mild conditions. Starter/Everywhere
Wrapped Leggings
Legs wrap male.png
A longer trouser to keep out high winds. If offers some protection from the elements. Starter/Everywhere
Strapped Boots
Belts male.png
An old style of boots with added straps for pouches. Everywhere

Bandini Clothing[edit | edit source]

These clothes are only found in Saborian badlands/desert areas.

A barren and desolate desert, the Kingdom of Bandinia was Sabor’s poor neighbour on the continent of Amum. The cities of Darat and Drissa were an assault on the senses. Their ancient labyrinthine alleys arriving at quaint markets to which tourists used to flock during the Golden Age. The King of Bandinia had a magnificent palace in the centre, incongruous amid the squalor. The Bandinians were the creators of Foundation’s most popular sport, Lallara.

Bandini Head

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Bandinian Sandcowl
Turban male.png
A sandcowl of some quality. The terrible sandstorms near Darat were always more bearable if wearing this. Sabor Badlands
Bandit's Cowl
Banditmask male.png
This cowl is like those worn in the city of Birikoi, Eastern Bandinia, where there were frequent sandstorms. Sabor Badlands
Goner's Cowl
Banditmaskpekoe male.png
Also known as dignity masks, these were worn by the sufferers of Atlas poisoning who worked the mines. Sabor Badlands
Mask of the Pale Fox
Kitsunemask male.png
The mask of Pale Fox, liberator of the Bandini(Sabor). Sabor Badlands
Lallara King Headgear
Lallarahelm male.png
Made from padded and durable leather. Bears the mark of the "Lallara King" company. Essential for professional Lallara players. Sabor Badlands

Bandini Torso

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Goner's Robe
Bandages ninja male.png
Worn by sufferers of Atlas poisoning who worked in the mines. Sabor Badlands
Tepes the Goner's Leathers
Bandages scales male.png
Worn by Tepes who sought refuge from his condition at the great hospital of Capulca. Sabor Badlands

Bandini Legs

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Goner's Leg Wraps
Goner male.png
Tightly bound strips of cloth with loose trousers. Sabor Badlands

Kioki Unity Clothing[edit | edit source]

Main article: Kioki Unity

These clothes can be found in Kioki sectors only.

The nations of Ishgiru, Karem and Pin unified to become the “Kioki Unity”. Ishgiru was southernmost of the three, a prosperous and enterprising people, subjects of a line of Empresses who had ruled the vast city of Ten-Rui for millennia. North was Karem, its leafy foothills under the command of the Warlocks, an enigmatic band of spiritualists. For a long time Karem fought with the Pin to the north, until Ishgiru stepped in to unite them. The Pin lived in the Pintins, the steepest mountain range in Foundation. They led rustic lives, preferring festival and colour to politics.

Kioki Head

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Albodan Ranger's Helm
Metal male.png
These helms were worn by the rangers of Albodan, a local militia group who were known for their forestry skills. Kioki Unity
Aviator's Cap
Gogglecap male.png
The hat of a skilled aviator. It offers protection versus wind and rain. Kioki Unity
Helm of the Hawk
Hawkhelm male.png
Worn by Astor of Karem's legendary band of soldiers, the Karem Hawks. Kioki Unity
Helm of the Owl Guard
Owl male.png
A helm worn by the Empresses personal soldiers, the Owl Guard. Kioki Unity Badlands
Horns of the Elders
Horned male.png
Made from yak horns, these horns were once worn by the Pinnish tribal elders. Kioki Unity Badlands
Merchant's Hat
Merchant male.png
The hat of a wealthy Ishgiruan merchant. Kioki Unity
Messenger's Cap
Isgiruan pilot male.png
A simple leather cap. They were popular amongst the messenger guilds of Ten-Rui Kioki Unity
Navigator's Cap
Navigator male.png
A sturdy leather cap of Karem design, it offers some protection from the elements. Kioki Unity
Pipinturi Explorer's Cap
Moebius male.png
These caps were worn by the fearless explorers of Pipinturi. Kioki Unity
Tawny Flight Helmet
Rogue male.png
These helms were mass produced in the Ishgiruan city of Murgatary, and were popular amongst mercenary companies during the Stone Wars. Kioki Unity
Lark's Pilot Cap
Pilotcap male.png
A simple leather cap that was once worn by the pilots of Ishgiru Kioki Unity

Kioki Torso

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Albodan Forest Leathers
Scales male.png
The choice of a forest-dweller facing a hard winter in the hills around Albodan Kioki Unity
Eagle-Eye Worker's Apron
EngineerVariantA male.png
A roughly-sewn leather apron. It bears the maker's mark of Eagle-Eye. Kioki Unity Badlands
Flight Jacket
Ishgiruan pilot male.png
A tough but worn flight jacket. The design is Ishgiruan. Kioki Unity
Flight Jacket (Lark's)
Combo male.png
A small, hardy jacket with a rakish collar. Kioki Unity
Flight Jacket (Pipinturi)
Ishgiruan pilot variantA male.png
A tough, well worn jacket from the ishgiruan town of Pipinturi Kioki Unity
Flight Jacket (Sunseeker's)
Ishgiruan pilot variantB male.png
These jackets were worn by the Sunseekers of Ishgiru, a mercenary company known for their daredevil piloting skills. Kioki Unity
Herder's Poncho
PonchoB male.png
Kioki Unity
Herder's Poncho (Huacanadoan)
PonchoBVariantA male.png
A thick fabric poncho, provides some warmth and protection from the elements. The pattern originates from Huacanado, high in the Pintin mountains. Kioki Unity
Hunter's Jacket
Neckguard male.png
A snug-fitting trapper's jacket, for encounters with critters. Kioki Unity
Selenian Navigator's Tunic
Squire male.png
A finely stitched navigator's tunic, it features patterns reminiscent of those once found in the Ishgiruan town of Selene Kioki Unity
Skyfarer's Garb
Pirate male.png
A loose fitting waistcoat and neckerchief. Kioki Unity
Digardian Skyfarer's Garb
PirateVariantA male.png
A loose fitting waistcoat and neckerchief. The waistcoat is decorated in a traditional Digardian pattern. Kioki Unity
Sparrow Garb
Roman male.png
A simple waistcoat and wrap that was common amongst the Ishgiruan skyfarers. Kioki Unity
Verduban Mantle of Elegance
Cape male.png
A raiment of fine material, bears the hallmark of an Ishgiruan merchant house Kioki Unity

Kioki Legs

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Lark's Pantalons
Baggy male.png
Crisp pantalons of unremarkable design. The boots make one'slegs appear almost bird-like. Kioki Unity

Saborian Clothing[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sabor

These clothes can be found in Saborian sectors only.

The Saborians grew up alongside the Redusa river delta on the continent of Amum, a land that while hot, was as rich and fertile as any. Four once-disparate city-states unified there under the shared tenets of freedom and equality. They believed in creating a utopia, self-sufficient and untainted by the rest of Foundation – an inclusive society, without crime or poverty. They dreamed of an afterlife known as Aetherium in which they would one day take their place as gods. Saborians spent most of their lives at a bathhouse called the cloistrum, where they exercised and socialised.

Saborian Head

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Bounty Hunter's Hat
Hunterwide male.png
A wide-brimmed hat and cowl. Bounty hunters became a common sight all over Foundation during the Stone Wars. UNKNOWN
Feather Cap
Featherhat male.png
The hat of a free spirit and an explorer. It offers protection versus wind and rain. UNKNOWN
Godhand Facemask
Godhand male.png
A mask that strikes fear into our hearts. Sabor
Mellifluan Hoodcap
Hoodcap male.png
A leather hoodcap. UNKNOWN
Pekoe Mask
Circlemask male.png
A mask of the Pekoe projecting innocence and playfulness. UNKNOWN
Scout's Cap
Tank male.png
A makeshift scout's cap of Mellifluan design. UNKNOWN
Cap of the Aetherial Games
Skullcap male.png
These caps were worn by competitors at Sabor's Aetherial games to protect them from injury. Sabor
Penitent's Hood
Scarfhood male.png
A hood built to protect the wearer from harsh winds and sandstorms. Sabor
Godhand Slavers Facemask
Godhand hood male.png
A cold steel mask and cowl. The slavers were feared even amongst the ranks of the Godhand. Sabor
Saborian Sergeant's Helm
Saborianmask chevron male.png
A standard issue sergeant's helmet. Sabor
Saborian Lieutenant's Helm
Saborianmask diamond male.png
A high ranking lieutenat's helmet. It has been polished to a sheen. Sabor
Saborian Trooper's Helm
Saborianmask eyes male.png
A standard issue trooper's helmet. It bears the mark of Redusa on the inside. Sabor
Saborian Gunner's Helm
Saborianmask sharp scarf male.png
A heavy, plated mask. These helmets were worn by the legendary Saborian gunners. Sabor
Saborian Guard's Helm
Saborianmask hoodscarf male.png
A helmet of one of the elite units of the Saborian military. The guardsman were rightfully feared all over Foundation. Sabor
Traveller's Scarf
Wrap male.png
A simple cloth scarf. UNKNOWN
Wanderer's Scarf
Hood male.png
A simple fabric scarf. It is useful if unremarkable. UNKNOWN

Saborian Torso

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Mellifluan Explorer's Tunic
WandererVariantA male.png
The simple garb of a well-traveled explorer. It bears a Mellifluan symbol. UNKNOWN
Chadoan Traveller's Poncho
PonchoVariantA male.png
A simple woven poncho. The pattern comes from the Mellifluan town Chado. UNKNOWN
Godhand Jacket
Saborianuniform godhand male.png
A hard wearing jacket. It bears the stripe and badge of the Godhand. UNKNOWN
Godhand Wraps
Bandages male.png
Lined with resistant gauze, these swaddling wraps have an imperious quality. UNKNOWN
Kuboan Traveller's Poncho
Poncho male.png
A simple woven poncho. The pattern comes from the once great Mellifluan city of Kubo. UNKNOWN
Robes of the Penitents
ComboB male.png
The Yellow Blood Cult of the Penitents once donned these robes. They bathed in the Yellow Blood river to wash clean their guilty consciences. UNKNOWN
Saborian Lieutenant's Jacket
Saborianuniform 3pip male.png
A hard wearing jacket. The three pips mark this as belonging to a lieutenant. UNKNOWN
Saborian Sergeant's Jacket
Saborianuniform 2pip male.png
A standard issue mass-produced jacket. The two pips mark this as belonging to a sergeant in the Saborian military. UNKNOWN
Saborian Trooper's Jacket
Saborianuniform 1pip male.png
These jackets were mass produced in Redusa. The number that have survived are testament to the reach that Sabor once had. UNKNOWN
Wanderer's Robe
Torso wrap male.png
A garmet made from stiched lengths of cloth. UNKNOWN

Saborian Legs

[Toggle view]
Name Image Lore Found In
Saborian Trooper Boots
Saborianuniform male.png
Made from thick leather, these boots were built to last. Sabor
Godhand Boots
Saborianuniform stripe male.png
Made from thick leather, these boots were built to last. Sabor
Penitent's Greaves
Shinpads male.png
Tough wooden greaves wrapped in strips of cloth Sabor
Striped Skyfarer's Shorts
ShortsVariantA male.png
Dashing striped shorts for mild conditions. UNKNOWN
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