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Use Crafting to create various items and Schematics in Worlds Adrift.

Multi-Tool Crafting[edit | edit source]

Multi-Tool crafting screen as of Alpha 5.1

List Of Multi-Tool Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Chest - "A chest for storing items on land or leaving them for fellow travellers"
  • Torch - "Torch for seeing things."
  • Basic Pistol - "Fires bullets, loud and pretty nasty if you get one in the knee."
  • Wooden Bolts - "These are wooden bolts for a crossbow. Each does a moderate amount of damage to animals and people but won't do so much to penetrate armor or ships."
  • Camp Fire - "Camp fire! For seeing in the dark and scaring away any pesky wild life. Useful to signal where you are to your friends too."
  • Assembly Station - "Use to construct ship parts and equipment."
  • Cannon Shells - "Cannon ball for Ship Cannons. Consumed automatically when using a cannon on a ship."
  • Timed Explosive - "A big flammable explosive thing with a timer set for 10 seconds, ideal for extracting more metal from metallic core rocks."
  • Atlas Core - "A piece of Atlas stone that can be attached to object to reduce their weight."
  • Small Chest - "Chest for keeping things in."
  • Flares - "Flares for the Flare Gun. Reveal your position to your friends... and also to your enemies. Signal for help but don't blame us when the pirates come along."
  • Flare Gun - "Fires flares that can reveal your position for signalling for help."
  • Glider - "A personal glider you can deploy by pressing Spacebar while in the air."

Assembly Station[edit | edit source]

Crafting Table.png

Gather Resources, and begin Ship building, or Crafting Tools that you think you might need. Crafting the Atlas Core which will create the Ships building area, allowing for 3d printing from the Assembly Station, which will open up the various Schematics to build.

List Of Crafting Table Schematics[edit | edit source]