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Mapping has been done by the Cardinal Guild (discord, forums), a player made group with no official ties to Bossa Studios.

Maps are currently the same for all servers.

Current Map

Early Access Phase #2

Early Access (Phase 2).png

This map is a very early work and is subject to major changes. Introduced with Update 27.
Full-res version

Map History


Alpha 06

Alpha 06 (Phase 1).png

Closed Beta

Closed Beta Phase #1

US East/EU West

Closed Beta (Phase 1 USE-EUW).png
Map for the US East and EU West servers.

US West/EU East

Closed Beta (Phase 1 USW-EUE).png
Map for the US West and EU East servers.

Closed Beta Phase #2

Closed Beta (Phase 2).png
Second map of closed beta.

Early Access

Early Access Phase #1

Early Access (Phase 1).png
First map of early access.

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