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Resilience is a stat that is found on every ship part in the game. It can be looked at, as an items hitpoints (HP). Only the casing of any given item affects its resilience - all other parts don't matter at all in that regard so they can be built out of weaker materials.

Since resilience acts as an items HP, it is a vital stat on any given part of your ship. If the casing of an item breaks, the item is broken and will fall off of your ship.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Good choices for the casing of any vital ship parts are:

- Steel (offers the best resilience but moderately heavy)

- Aluminum (best resil:weight ratio but rare)

- Titanium (slightly less resilient than aluminum, but more common)

- Iron (very common and decently resilient)

Resilience[edit | edit source]

Repairs[edit | edit source]

When repairing an item you only repair its casing. Thus you will only ever need to have the material you built the items casing out of in your inventory.